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Kenny Kicklighter
A Tribute to Hart, Tagami, and Powell

A Tribute to Hart, Tagami, and Powell by Kenny Kicklighter

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Artist: Kenny Kicklighter
Title: A Tribute to Hart, Tagami, and Powell
Type: Hanging Sculpture
Medium: Ceramic
Technique: Stoneware
Description: High fired stoneware, slabs were hand pressed into antique Japanese carved wood block ceremonial kashigata (confectionary molds), a rare wood block used for printing kanji was used to make the impressions in the tablet, the slab sculpture of an open book was hand shaped after the rice impressions were made from a flat wood block, the bamboo hanger is extruded with additional hand built parts; stained with red iron oxide and gas fired in a reduction atmosphere, assembled with hemp rope.
Style/Subject: Representational Ethnic
Predominant Colors: Browns
Overall Dimensions: 63" x 18" x 3"
Price: SOLD
ID #: 18727

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